How to refer brands

What's Inside?

A detailed look at how you can earn some extra money and work with a brand that you love!

  • How to Refer Brands to Work with Heartbeat
  • What to Say When Contacting Brands

Welcome to Heartbeat! This guide will teach you how you can refer brands to run a campaign with Heartbeat.

How to Refer Brands to Work with Heartbeat

Have a brand you absolutely love? We want to work with them! Let them know about what we do here at Heartbeat- and you can earn extra cash! You can reach out to brands through many different ways: email, LinkedIn, Instagram DM, Facebook Message, In-Person, etc. When that brand partner runs their first campaign with us, we'll give you $100! Sounds like a great deal to me!

What to Say When Contacting Brands

If you’re sending out some messages, here’s a great way to start: 

“Hi ________, 

I am a proud Heartbeat brand ambassador with, and I know the over 100,000 female ambassadors enrolled with Heartbeat would love to promote this brand on their social accounts. Heartbeat brings thousands of young women across the world together in highly organized social campaigns focused on helping your business win! 

I definitely think you should take a quick tour of their site,, and if you're interested in chatting with them make sure you mention me & share my (email address here). 

Thanks again,


Ambassador Pro-Tip: When looking for emails to message brands, go to the company website and scroll down to the very bottom. They will usually have a link that says “Contact”. Click this page, and look for emails related to marketing or PR. This way, you can make sure your email is going directly to the right person, increasing your chances of successfully referring a company to us!