I can’t submit my photo before the deadline

What deadline you ask?

A campaign timeline is the block of time (days or weeks) in which you’ll be asked to create your post. Each campaign you participate in will have its own timeline, included in the instructions email. 

If for some reason you don’t submit your post by the deadline it will affect your future Heartbeat opportunities, especially with product campaigns. Not posting for just one product campaign, unless you let us know why you aren’t posting, will result in removal from all future product campaigns with Heartbeat. 

When joining a campaign, Heartbeat is trusting you to represent us and the brand, so make sure to keep that in mind, and only sign up for campaign your really like and connect with!

What if I can’t post in time?

Life happens- we get it! If something comes up and you can’t post in time, let Heartbeat know by emailing our support email: