How to qualify for your first campaign

Why haven’t I qualified for a campaign you ask?

It could be any combination of these reasons:

 • You don’t meet the requirements from our brand partners

 • Your engagement/following is lower than average

 • You don’t have enough posts

Good news- all of these can be fixed by giving your Instagram some TLC! 

What do brand partners look for?

In order to get the best results for a campaign we target exactly what our brand partner is looking for in an Ambassador. This could mean you need to be in a specific location, in a certain age range, a mom etc. The good news- we work with a variety of brands so if there isn’t a campaign for you right now, there’s a good chance we have one in the works, so don’t get discouraged.

How many followers do I need?

You need 300 (real) followers to start! It may seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of Instagram- totally possible! A great place to start boosting followers is with fellow Heartbeat Ambassadors! You can find them here, here, and here! Say hi, gain a new follower, and a new friend. 

Why does the number of posts on my account matter?

Our brand partners value the opinions of real consumers, having more than 30 posts on your account signals to brands that you are 100% real, active on the platform, and have followers. 

When you’re just starting out on Instagram try posting at least 3x a week to get up to 30 posts and grow your followers at the same time.

So to recap…

In order to qualify for a Heartbeat account all you need to do is have more than 300 followers, more than 30 posts, and a love of Instagram. 

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