Do’s and don’ts of being an Ambassador

Try to avoid:


Everyone loves a good meme, but having an account full of memes doesn’t leave room to share anything relatable with your friends and followers. It doesn’t give brands a good idea of the type of content you’d be able to create for them or make your relatable to your followers on a personal level.

Snapchat Filters

Most brands Heartbeat work with don’t find Snapchat filters appealing. They’re usually not the best quality and don’t tell us more about the awesome person you are! The more high quality, lifestyle pics you share, the better your chances of getting a campaign.


We love that you love yourself, but if every post in your feed is a selfie it’s hard for brands to envision how you would post about their product. Let your personality shine by posting a variety of lifestyle photos, not just selfies, and brands will take note.

Instead try:

Giving your Instagram an “aesthetic”

  • In the social media universe, an Instagram aesthetic is defined by the color scheme and “mood” of your photos (i.e. minimalistic and desaturated, bright and bold, dark and moody) while a theme is defined as a dedicated activity (i.e. foodies, MUA’s, travel bloggers). You don’t have to necessarily stick to one theme to have a successful Instagram feed, remember you’re a person and your followers want to get to know YOU.

Using similar filters

  • Apps like VSCOcam, Afterlight, and A Color Story are all great ways to find and create filters that will make your photos look amazing. You don’t have to use the same one filter for every photo, but the colors should be similar. It will help your feed flow and be more cohesive. Pinterest is also a great way to look for different editing “recipes” for your photos, whether you want to your feed to look bright, earthy, moody, or colorful!

Breaking up the kind of content you’re posting

  • This means not posting two selfies, sponsored posts, or even photos of your cute dog (guilty) back to back. Many Instagram pros will plan out their content in advance to ensure they’re not posting too much of the same thing over and over again. It’s also a good idea to break up the similar content by one or three photos (not two) that way they don’t stack up in columns on your feed later.